Friday, August 23, 2019

English 101 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 5

English 101 - Essay Example The online course though pre –structured follows and asynchronous structure which is quite opposite to the Campus course which is a face – to – face synchronous course with potentially greater flexibility. The online course has one or two instructors and is team taught, whereas the campus course has only one instructor. In an online course, the participants take the course that is easily available and no attempt is made to see that students are assigned to courses according to their talent or ability. The Campus course gives the students opportunities to discuss with their professors and other peers as to which course would be suitable to study. Where studying for the course is concerned, the participants of the online courses spent fairly more time on studies each week, whereas the campus participants spent much lesser time. In an online course, though the atmosphere is conducive to learning, yet the classroom is not as lively as a campus classroom where students and professor conduct lively face – to – face discussions and interaction. Qureshi et al. (2002) noted that distance education students were less motivated than their on-campus peers. Others have expressed concern that online learners experience motivational problems as evidenced by high dropout rates (Cheng- Yuan 2000). Researchers are of the opinion that online students are more self – paced and enjoy greater autonomy unlike the on campus students who are restricted by a lot of rules and regulations. By enrolling themselves in online courses, the students procure greater technological experience and have a much better knowledge of how to handle computers which is quite opposite to the traditional campus courses. The participants of online courses were more driven by intrinsic motives without looking forward to traditional rewards of a regular class, but on campus participants prefer to embrace a more collaborative style of teaching – learning and obtain the rewards of the

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