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Celebrity Synthesis

Celebrities s are not entitled to the same privacy as normal citizens because they are dollied so much by socio TTY, play a huge ole in determining the social norms of the community, and sacrificed a right t o privacy in exchange for fame. Celebrities are dollied by countless people, made up mostly of the younger g enervation, and are often viewed as role models. This makes it only right for their private I ivies to be made known to the individuals who hold them in such high regard. The way people live their private lives does tell us things that can help to make judgments about them. † (Sour CE E) A peek into the lives of their favorite stars allows fans to see how these celebrities really a CT and behave, ether than the image they attempt to portray. This enables individuals to ma eke the proper judgments as to whether or not to continue to idealize that particular star. W hen a celebrity has â€Å"lied about or deceptively omitted† (Source A) something, they â€Å"ca nnot then c nominal when the Richards 2 truth becomes known. (Source A) If celebrities are going to pose as role mod else, especially for the younger population, the fact that their private lives will have to be shared must be accepted. These stars are public figures that play a huge role in determining the social n arms of society. In recent decades, â€Å"Celebrities have become the chief agents of moral change in the united states. : (Source C) justifying their lack of privacy. People base their moor alls and behavior on the way celebrities act and carry themselves.Society has â€Å"populated [their] lives with celebrities†¦ Whose stories we eagerly weave into our own lives. † (Source C) Of ten celebrities use their personal lives to further their career and so â€Å"cannot object when others question whether their carefully scripted images are accurate. : (Source B) In order to continue t hold celebrities in such high regard, individuals must have access to the tru th behind these image sees. Without a look into the personal lives Of celebrities, society WOUld not know who these stars t rule were.People would base their lives on the public image portrayed by these stars rather that n on the character of these role models. Thus access to the secret lives of celebrities allows society to determine whose morals are true and can be followed and held in high regard. It is common knowledge how intrusive the media can be when it comes to cell verities, and hose who came into fame were well aware that from that moment on their p riveter lives would no longer belong to just them.

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Commodification in Ilad

The Theme of commodification in the Iliad is highly important in the Iliad. Homer was against the idea of making the as a commodity. Homer's Iliad Is an excellent example of the suppressive role of women at this time. Women were treated merely as property and were used for producing material within the household. They are depicted as being inferior to men both physically and intellectually.The Iliad began with an argument between Achilles and Agamemnon over Brises, who was considered a war prizeThey brought back the spoils and dMded them equally among the warriors. Agamemnon's prize was Chryseis, the daughter of a riest of the god Apollo. Achilles' reward was a maiden named Brisels. Both women were taken against their will. unfortunately for Agamemnon, Chryseis' father begged for his daughter to be released and offered huge amounts of treasures as ransom.In return. Agamemnon took Brisels, Achilles prize, and that results a big disagreement between Agamemnon and Achilles. The example of Chrysels and Brisels was a critical reminder of what will become of the women of Troy should the Greeks succeed in taking Troy. Homer was successful in criticizing the social practices through this epic. Homer tried to shade a light on the mistreatment of women. He believes that any relationship between man and women out of the marriage is wrong.The relation between male and female in this epic Is a relation of maters and slave or a lover and a mistress. Homer was against the sub-human classification of women. Throughout the Iliad, women play a modest but important role that embodies their relative significance and the Impact they have on the affairs that take place. Their role is depicted wisely by homer in order to show the maltreatment of women. Homer was against using women as material objects and the Iliad represent a strong protest against this commodification of women. ton

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Civil Engineering Dissertation Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 11250 words

Civil Engineering - Dissertation Example According to the report findings transit service works best when it is considered as an integral part of roadway design, development, and urban revitalization. The success of the transit service is directly tied to accomodation of the pedestrian. Pedestrian phases at busy intersections provide additional protection. Separate bicycle stop lines at intersections increase visibility and give cyclists a chance to pull away ahead of turning vehicles. As the paper stresses cities should take into account when investing money into roads that address the diversity of the population that is going to use those roads such as poor people, and households that do not own cars. Hence high and low road designs must â€Å"meet multiple objectives which are as follows: improving highways for their traffic movement, linking transporation investments to land use planning. In designing high and low roads then it must be essentially a factor as to what sorts of people it would benefit by using these roads -some people who are regulars who are using these roads to go to work, and kids riding the school bus to get to class everyday as opposed to someone who is a tourist and is more likely to frequent the use of the road much less. In the low road scenario, the role of any central organization is to ensure the integrity of the internal data definitions and networking standards and to provide full access. Indeed, aside from a process for establishin g a minimal set of data definitions and a means for data exchange, there may be no centrally controlled organization at all. The role of standards in the low road scenario is an important but limited one. Standards ensure the integrity of the internal data exchange process. The low road philosophy view most corporate technology standards as impediments to progress. They demand to use the latest technology, the best of new development tools, and the most appropriate software for their particular application (Azad,nd. p.1)." I would like to address this last point that my research included to use as a fundamental

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Variable costing Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Variable costing - Assignment Example Despite the various methods of pricing a firm based on its industry should select the most effective method to the firm. Costing is the main function in every firm, the rational being every firm exists in its industry with the main aim as profit making. References 8 VARIABLE COSTING Executive summary This is a report about a review of marginal costing as used in the managerial accounting system. Certain terminologies associated with the concept of marginal costing are identified in the report. The report also defines logically certain terms like variable costs, fixed costs, CVP and breakeven analysis as the key concepts. It goes ahead to prove the rational and marginal costing concepts as used in short term decision making. Being a costing technique, several assumptions such as division of cost element into fixed costs and variable costs, variable cost being considered directly proportional to the production volume, fixed costs being constant throughout the production levels and is b eing shared according to the volume of production per unit, cost is only influenced by the volume output, and at all levels, the selling price would remain unchanged, are associated with it. The report analysis gives logical evidences in manufacturing, hospitality and airline industries, as where the technique is used. Through appraisal and evaluation, it has been found to be the basis for product and service costing; hence, it is critical to identify its strengths and weaknesses (Maher, Lanen & Rehan, 2005). A recommendation has been made in this report for the marginal costing to be used in the three industries for a short term after its comparison with other alternative methods. Reconciliation of absorption and marginal costing methods has been recommended in order to cater for both short term and long term decisions. In summary, every firm is advised to use a costing method which is relevant to the firm’s decision. Introduction Variable costing is a managerial accounting concept, which according to Managerial Accounting by Ray H. Garrison, Eric W. Noreen, and Peter C. Brewer, is a costing method which has only a variable cost in the unit product cost. From its definition, Variable costs are the costs that vary with corresponding changes in the level of production. Thus, we can say variable costs are directly proportional to the volume of production. The technique is majorly for short term decision making instances rather than for outside purposes. Other methods of costing may include manufacturing cost that does not consider differentiating the costs into either fixed or variable costs (Drucker, 1999). In manufacturing cost, we consider the direct materials, direct labor and manufacturing overhead. Under this managerial accounting concept, a logical relationship between direct materials inventory and the expenses (direct labor and manufacturing overhead) incurred in the production of the end product which is delivered to the market for sale. In this case, the inventory does not fully absorb the firm’s costs. The method considers cost of goods sold to be made solely as a variable cost because it does not include fixed manufacturing overhead from the cost of inventory. Since fixed inventory is always expensed in the current period, it is normally treated as a periodic cost as the capitalizing cost which forms part of the inventory cost is often referred to as product cost (Maskell & Bargerly, 2003). When marginal costing is used to mean the cost of goods which only includes variable in its unit product cost, then variable costing may also be linked to this meaning. Variable costing

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Common core standards for literacy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Common core standards for literacy - Essay Example ards includes developing students’ ability to read texts and draw meaning from contexts, ability to â€Å"support arguments with evidence,† ability to â€Å"resolve conflicting views† in literature and the ability to â€Å"solve complex problems with no obvious solutions† (Wahlstrom, p. 4). I address the standards by providing avenues towards realization of the standards’ goals. One of the ways in which I address the common core standards is by promoting readership among students, as well as identifying, and monitoring the developed reading potentials. This motivates reading interest and identifies special cases for personalized assistance. I however rely on offering directions to develop writing skills that includes review of literature to comprehend its contents before writing. Instructing the students on selection of resources, exposing them to a wide range of literature and tailoring writing to achieve a communication role achieves this. I also address the standards by promoting teamwork, developing a â€Å"multiple perspectives† (Bunch, Kibler and Pimentel, p. 6) approach to encountered literature and instilling confidence in ‘self-expression’ within classrooms (p. 1- 8). Bunch, George, Kibler, Amanda, and Pimentel, Susan. â€Å"Realizing opportunities for English learners in the common core English language arts and disciplinary literacy standards.† Stamford University. N.d. Web. 29 July 2012. Wahlstrom, Deborah. â€Å"Common core standards.† Wordpress. September 2011. Web. 29 July 2012.

Management Information System Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Management Information System - Essay Example competes with a host of other financial institutions such as banks, brokerage firms, insurance companies among others hence there is stiff competition. As a way of attempting to position itself better in the market, the company sought to outsource its IT infrastructure to IBM, a computing giant as a result of different reasons. First and foremost, this is an attempt to add value to their company among employees, clients and shareholders by improving efficiency as well as reducing costs while at the same time improving quality. Given that IBM is a renowned computing giant, JP Morgan thought it would be a wise decision to incorporate this company as a way of trying to portray its image in a better position. In this case outsourcing would add value in that IBM is a well established computing giant often treated with great esteem by various stakeholders such that its incorporation by JP Morgan would attract a positive response from different stakeholders. By virtue of running several business entities, JP Morgan thought that by scaling its IT expenditures, it would reduce its actual needs of paying full costs that would be based on projections made earlier. Therefore, it can be noted that JP Morgan sought to reduce costs on its part by centralizing the IT business to one big, reputable company which is IBM computers. In actual fact, JP Morgan simply wants to take a precautionary measure in the face of competition against other major financial giants such that it thought outsourcing would help spruce its image as well as help reducing expenditure by centralizing its IT issues to one computing giant. The main problem raised here is that of the overuse of traditional means of processing information during the contemporary time of digital age where new information and technology is reigning supreme. The result of the use of old means of processing information is failure to access information readily when it is needed to combat an otherwise imminent disaster. FBI in this

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Marketing plan as the main part of the business strategy Essay

Marketing plan as the main part of the business strategy - Essay Example Markets and products have become extremely fragmented. There are hundreds of special-interest magazines, for example, each targeted to a very specific market segment. It's the same with restaurants, cars and retail clothing stores, just to name a few industries. Positioning your product competitively requires an understanding of this fragmented market. Not only must you be able to describe your product, you must also be able to describe your competitor's product and show why yours is better. Positioning your product involves two steps. First, analyze your product's features, and decide how they differentiate your product from its competitors. Second, decide what type of buyer is most likely to purchase your product. Pricing and placement are critical to competitive positioning. In today's marketing culture, pricing cannot be separated from the product. Take grocery stores, for example. The full-service supermarket is still the most popular form of grocery distribution. But today, busy families want faster service and more convenience, even if it means higher prices. As a result, convenience stores, home delivery services, personal shoppers and takeout restaurants have proliferated. At the same time, warehouse grocery retailing has also increased. Warehouse stores cater to customers who prefer low prices to convenience. Describe your target customer. Developing a profile of your target customer is the second step in an effective marketing plan. You can describe customers in terms of demographics-age, sex, family composition, earnings and geographical location-as well as lifestyle. Ask: Are my customers conservative or innovative Leaders or followers Timid or aggressive Traditional or modern Introverted or extroverted How often do they purchase what I offer How much of it at a time Are there peak buying periods or times of the year when people won't buy my product or service Conclusion The simple truth is that the type of ad that pays off immediately will work less and less well the longer you keep running it. And the ad that will make customers think of you immediately when they need what you sell (true branding) usually doesn't begin showing any encouraging results for at least some weeks. These are the ads that will work better and better the longer you keep running them. But most advertisers will cancel these ads after some weeks. The thing to remember when developing your marketing plan is that you're not looking for what works. Every type of advertising works to one degree or another. What you're looking for is the best long-term use of your ad budget. Then you have to develop an advertising message within your marketing plan. The questions you're trying to answer are these: "What do we need to say to the customer and how often do we need to say it And which media will give us the most efficient long-term

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The Transformational Power of Music Research Paper

The Transformational Power of Music - Research Paper Example Music has the power to move a person through more than just the sounds within the ear. Music is emotional, editorial, and connected to memory. The way music sounds gives cues to the meaning of imagery. Music is a culturally defined experience, the language of music designed by learned understandings of associations. How the memory creates emotional responses to music is defined by the associations that have been made. This is one of the reasons why writing about music can be difficult as it is better to describe the feeling it evokes than to try and write about the sound. How it feels can be described from one point of view, but how it sounds is defined through the interpretation of each individual. Music is a complex experience that stimulates the emotional memories within the mind. According to Meyer, the meaning of music is based upon cultural learning, societies determining how to take the cues that are placed through the sounds that are made in their music (2). Sounds are not un iversally understood, the semiotic language developed through the associations that are made to the music. According to Cohen â€Å"when we emphasize music’s universality, we might mislead ourselves into thinking that musical elements can be borrowed from here or there, without paying sufficient attention to distinct cultural meanings, such as the sacred dimensions of performance† (27). However, she goes on to say that the aptitude and capacity for music is universal even though how those capacities are shaped is defined by cultural learning (Cohen 28).

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Arabic culture Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Arabic culture - Essay Example Geography plays a vital role in forcing the Arabs to opt for long dresses which cover the entire body. It should be noted that Middle East is perhaps the hottest region in this earth. Because of the proximity of deserts, the atmospheric temperature in most of the Middle Eastern countries is in the range of 35 to 45 degree Celsius during the majority of the months in a year. In order to escape from extreme heat, Arabs use long white cloths and head covers. White colour has the ability to reflect heat whereas black colour has the ability to absorb heat. That is why Arabs mostly interested in white dresses. Arabs normally like non-vegetarian foods because of their geographical peculiarities. Fishing is a traditional revenue source for Arabs because since most of the Arab countries are located near the seashores. It is difficult for the Arabs to grow vegetables in open air because of the extreme heat and humid conditions. So, historically, they included items like fish, meat, egg etc mor e in their dishes. In fact vegetarian foods are expensive in the Arab world compared to the non-vegetarian foods. In short, geography has influenced Arab food habits very much. â€Å"Black tea is the most common drink among Arab world, usually the Lipton brand name. You can also find a delicious tea made from hibiscus flowers - zouhourat. This tea has a light yellow colour and a delicate, flowery flavour† (Syrian Drinks: Repast in a Teacup). Sulaimani (Black tea) is the major drink among Arab people.

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Catherine and Rodolfo running Essay Example for Free

Catherine and Rodolfo running Essay Pack it up. Go ahead. Get your stuff and get outta here. Eddie orders Rodolfo to leave even though he is innocent of any wrongdoing. This is only out of quick response to cover up his mistake. This part of the scene out brings and distinguishes the whole outline of the play. It is at this when all the truth and factuality defines out of Eddie. He now expresses himself as the character the audience have gathered. Demonstrating the actual consanguinity of Eddies emotions to Catherine. Knowing that Eddie is blameworthy, Catherine trembling with fright says It think I have to get out of here Eddie She is obviously scared and confused with the change of character and knows that she is in danger. Supporting her objective in leaving but she still feels she is letting down Eddie (she sees the tears in his eyes) At this she feels pity on her uncle and feels guilty. Eddie feels that his relationship with Catherine has been segregated and so to stop her from leaving in a rapid shocking of kissing her. As Rodolfo interferes Eddie ends up kissing Rodolfo also. This is a sign in which Eddie tries to delineate that there is no difference between kissing a woman and Rodolfo which in addition reveals him as feminine. And at this Catherine uses physical force to stop her leaving, this indicates she is angry that she must stop him. In this scene it shows of the relationship between Eddie and Catherine being damaged because of the newfound feud. Eddie does realise he has lost Catherine sexually to Rodolfo and he tries his best to reclaim her. As he witnesses Catherine and Rodolfo running out of the room it is at then he makes an immediate decision. First response he makes is the fact that his niece has lost her virginity to Rodolfo, and at this he realises that he has lost Catherine sexually to Rodolfo. To reclaim his niece he tells Rodolfo to get out. In an early scene Eddie evidently says I mean he looked so sweet there, like an angel- you could kiss him he was so sweet! this relates and concludes to Eddies kiss scene with Rodolfo. This brings out Eddies feminine side and shown his hidden true feelings to Rodolfo. I do not think Eddies actions were a way to insult him but were mixed reasons for his reactions. Personally his actions were to prove his point that Rodolfo was gay. But instead of showing this he includes himself in proving that he too is gay. This changes the view of character of Eddie. As it can somehow define the way Eddie does not want Catherine to be with Rodolfo. Meaning that he a has finally shown his true emotions towards Catherines future husband. As the tension builds up Eddie knows he has damaged the relationship with his niece, evidence that Eddie was very troubled as Alfieri describes his eyes were like tunnels using a simile on the angered look on his face. He tells Alfieri that the guy aint right. I think the reason why he goes against his society and informs because he is a victim of his emotions. As all the emotions mixing, he experiences being pressured into going against his family. This also links onto the first Greek tragedy on the Italian boy who turned against his parents for betraying them. In the beginning of the play it gives us a clue what Eddie is going to do in advance. Personally I think Eddie is a victim of his emotions as it all happens quickly and he is trapped between the pressures of society

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The Business Plan For Dates Fruits Marketing Essay

The Business Plan For Dates Fruits Marketing Essay Our group of six students from Saudi Arabia is formed in order to sell date fruits. All the sale will take place inside College Lane and de havland. The major target will be near to the Key centre at college lane because all students who know dates very well will go to that place. We are going to sell only high quality dates. It is well-known, that dates are grown in the Arabian Peninsula, where farmers have relied on growing exotic fruits. Saudi Arabia has best types of dates in the world.  This type we are going to sell. It is remarkable, that the quality of dates in the British markets is poor and the prices are very expensive. So, our aim is to introduce really good product to a customer. Erskine, Osman, Lashine and others in their statement Date Palm in the GCC countries of the Arabian Peninsula say that in Saudi Arabia 173 million hectares are occupied for pasture. There are fruits and vegetables grown. Also they bred animals there. Conditions of rangeland are not so good. Production potential is very low in some places. Almost 86% of the total accessible water in the region is allocated for agriculture. So, the 22% of the total land area is cultivable. Palm tree is remarkable for its salt-tolerance and heat endurance. The shallow groundwater is extremely important for its successful growth. Age of the date palm can reach a hundred years. Life of the people inhabiting Arabian Peninsula is associated with this palm tree. People demand dates become more and more in the United Kingdom. It seems that if everyone knew about the usefulness of dates, they would have been even more reclaiming. Products Date palm is a typical plant of dry subtropics that gives an edible tasty fruit. One date palm makes over 100 kilograms of nutritious dates a year. Naturally, that for thousands of years emerged around 5000 varieties divided into three main groups dry, semi, and soft. The soft are consumed on the spot with fresh, in a mature state; the fruits of these varieties contain very little sugar. Dry dates, dried in the sun, contain much more sugar and can be stored for very long, it can be said for years. As for the semi those intended for export, they are also dried in the sun. Processed dates are generally more popular than natural dates. There are many types of packaging: bags, tubes, ravier, boxes. The ravier has the leadership. It is well known, that semi dates are the tastiest. Moreover, it is considered, that semi dates favorably affect the brain, increasing its productivity. But our strategy will allow buyers tasting all sorts of dates chose the best one for everyone as well. Elias in her work Date A Wonder Fruit of Arabia states that dates contain almost all vitamins. It should be noted the high concentration of pantothenic acid. This substance stimulates the production of energy, makes you confident, energetic and able to quickly focus on. Dates have also another, less well-known property: these fruits have mild sedative and hypnotic effects. Jahromi, Rafiee and Jafari in Some physical properties of date fruit tell that dates can also be encouraged to overcome the weakening of the body after a serious illness, overwork, stress. No fruit can be compared with dates, if you want to satisfy your hunger. Dates increase efficiency of the brain and nerve cells. From ancient times, dates were used not only as food but also as a medicine. Marouf and Lihadh in their Invertase from date fruits say that they contain copper, iron, magnesium, zinc, potassium, phosphorus, sodium, aluminum, cadmium, cobalt, sulfur, boron. Dates can help with anemia (1982). It has a beneficial effect in fatigue and physical fatigue. It helps with colds as well. Ten dates are able to satisfy our daily needs in copper, magnesium and sulfur, and they contain half of the required iron and fourth of the calcium. Dates are a tasty and natural dessert that has a nice flavor. These fruits are absolutely harmless, as well as low-calorie fruits and therefore suitable for people watching their weight. Mission Statement and Objectives Our group members want to run this small business for getting some experience about this kind of business. It will be really good experience for us to make the business plan and to see how it works in real. We realize that it is not so easy for students who only make their first steps in business but we are ready to try. He is lifeless who is faultless. We are sure, that this experience will be our first attempt to arrange small business and to see how much effort it will require. We are not afraid of mistakes. Our mission is to provide high quality date fruits for consumption. The idea behind the business is to sell healthy and valuable fruits to the public for everyone to pay attention on usefulness of dates. A variety of classes provides the possibility to chose. All sorts of date fruits are healthy and become popular in many countries not by chance. Market Overview In his research about the marketing potential of date palm fruits, Pascal Liu says, that Europe is a key market for date exporters. Over half a million tones of dates imported every year in the world. The European Union accounts for 10% of the total with some 50  000 tones (2003) Imports of dates into Europe were comparatively stable from 1990 to 1997: nearly 43  000 tones were imported. In 1998-2000 the rise in imported quantities did not translate into a higher value of imports because of the fall in import prices in 1999-2000. Imports of date fruits into European countries are seasonal. Often they take place at the end of the year (Liu). In Muslim countries traditionally dates are consumed during Ramadan. Most European countries do not produce dates. The exception is Spain with a little quantity. France often re-exports date fruits. Most of the re-export trade takes place between European member countries (Liu). People demand dates become more and more in UK. France, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom and Spain account for 85% of total imports of dates in volumes. Irelands imports are also growing. Backwards, Portugal, Netherlands, Finland, Austria show no clear trend. There are also some more date varieties: Deglet nour date variety is the most popular in Europe. Imports of this type of date are nearly 30  000 tones a year. This type is exported from Tunisia and Algeria. Also deglet nour is produced in Israel. The United States is also a producer of this type of dates. Germany and Britain import not big quantities. Southern European countries mainly consume deglet nour dates. Not deglet nour called common dates by European traders. Germany and the United Kingdom together import over 10  000 tones of common dates annually. German traders need the low price for this type of dates. Common dates also used for food in Great Britain. Pascal Liu says, that European people know mejool since 1990s. However, it is only last three years that they have really taken off. Nowadays the United States share the European market of dates with Israel. As more and more consumers turn to organic foods, retailers will look for a complete range of organic products, including dates. France is the leading market for dates in the European Union. Its main suppliers are Algeria and Tunisia. The United Kingdom is the second largest European market for date fruits. Then Italy and Germany follow. Imports of dates increased last years. Germany primarily imports common dates. Consumption of higher quality dates tends to increase. Spain is the fifth largest date market in Europe. But it is remarkable, that it is a country where imports are growing. Tunisia is a leader in producing of deglet nour. The official production figure in 2001 was 107  000 tones for all varieties. Algeria is the second largest producer of dates in the world (deglet nour). In 2000 365  000 tones of all varieties of dates were produced. Iran is the second largest date producer in the world with over 900  000 tones. It is the leading date supplier in the United Kingdom. Its other two largest clients are Germany and Denmark(Liu). These countries export common dates. Israel produces little quantities of date fruits (9 5000 tones in 2001). But its exports to European countries have increased over the past years and now it have reached 4  300 tones. The United States exports deglet nour and mejool dates to European countries. It produces dates in California. Pakistan is the fourth largest date producer in the world with over half a million tones in 2000. Common dates are exported to Europe from Pakistan. There are significant trade flows between the countries of the European Union. Some countries re-export dates. They are estimated at over 20  000 tones a year. The main markets of France are Germany, Belgium, Netherlands and the United Kingdom (Liu). The other European countries re-export much smaller quantities. Sine 1992 the United Kingdom exports less than 500 tones to such countries as Ireland, Denmark and Germany. Germany has become the European Unions second largest date exporter (700-900 tones a year). Germany exports dates to such countries as Austria and Denmark. The Netherlands re-exports between 500 and 700 tones annually. Operations Our selling group will initially market its product to target clients. To achieve this goal: We will create bright booklets, brochures which describe the benefit of dates, its useful properties. These booklets will be given for free on the streets close to the college. There will be invitations at the exhibition of the dates also. We will post an advertisement about the forthcoming exhibition at the Internet, on popular social networks. We will organize an exhibition of the dates where fruits will be sold at low price. This is necessary for everyone to have a possibility to taste dates. There also books and magazines about date fruits will be sold. We will organize some lectures to tell more about the dates and even to explain how to grow date palm at home. For sale we need nearly 50 kilograms of date fruits and we will order it at the market. Also we will order some interesting books about dates. We plan to hold an exhibition for 6 days. During this time we want to show that if to provide an effective advertisement people will gladly buy healthy and tasty dates. With a help of interesting and cognitive booklets a lot of customers will get to know more about these fruits and re-discover it for them. At the exhibition everyone will get an opportunity to taste dates for free and then to decide if to buy it or not. All three kinds of dates will be featured at the exhibition. To every kind there will be a special description with its characteristics. Dates will be located in nice decorated pot. Two students will sale date fruits; one will sale books and two will give booklets to customers. One student will be outside near the college giving booklets to students. But before the exhibition we will provide some lectures about dates which will include history knowledge about these fruits. Lectures will be not boring, because we will prepare presentation and some additional materials about date palms and dates. We also will find some recipes of dishes with dates. Two students will lecture; three will give booklets on the streets and one will post an advertisement about an exhibition on the Internet sites, such as facebook and myspace. These advertisements should pay students attention on the forthcoming exhibition. It is obligatory to create nice and memorable advertisements and brochures. The next day an exhibition will open, where everyone will get an opportunity to taste dates and to buy interesting materials about these fruits. In addition to this, we will try to use SWOT analysis in our business. Using this strategic planning  method we will get a chance to evaluate the  Strengths,  Weaknesses,  Opportunities, and  Threats involved in our business project. With a help of this method we will try to identify the internal and external factors that are favorable and unfavorable to achieve our objective. So, we will reveal all advantages of our business, its possible weaknesses, its external chances that may help us to provide better sales and also we will pay attention at possible troubles. Management We choose Grove House for our group. Grove house is a charity for the cancerous persons. We choose this charity and want to help the patient to improve their life. Another reason is Grove House is near the law school, not too far away from De Havilland Campus. There are six members in our group. We divide our work and have group meeting in every lecture. We have a finical plan about our cash flow. In our plan, we will earn 25 pounds and all of the money will be given to Glove House to improve the patients life. Our team of students who will sell date fruits are responsible and executive. Before the engaging in selling we examined the literature on the topic, made a plan of action and calculated the necessary amount of materials. Our team was divided into three groups and every one of us got his personal duties. Two students will create interesting brochures and booklets about date palms and date fruits. One student will order dates (50-60 kg). Two students will buy all necessary equipment, such as pots for date fruits, tablecloth, and tray. One student will make a presentation for the lection. One student will write a lection about dates using interesting historical facts and other information about date palms. This student also will find some recipes of dishes with dates. So, the process will begin when everything will be ready. All the six days of selling are also planned: First day: Three students will lecture. Three students will hand out booklets and brochures. And one student will post advertisements on the Internet. Second day: Three students will sell dates. One student will sell books. Two students will hand out brochures. Forth and fifth days will be the same as second. We assign responsibilities in order to save time and resources. So, all the work will be done effectively. Financial projections Colege lane Dehavland Total Sales: Units 65 20 85 Price/unit 1 1 1 Sales 65 20 85 Unit cost 0,5 0,5 0,5 Cost of sales 32,5 10 42,5 Gross profit 32,5 10 42,5 Expenses: Market research 4 3,5 7,5 rent 0 0 0 transportation 3 2 5 packing 3,25 1 4,25 Stationary 0,4 0,35 0,75 Tot. Expenses 10,65 6,85 17,5 Net Profit 21,85 3,15 25 Funding source We will ask friends and relatives to borrow some money; also will take not huge loan at the bank. It will be enough to buy all necessary things. It is estimated that this job will begin to make a profit after two days of operations. We do not expect to have huge cash problems during the selling. If there will be some, we will sell dates later. We also can organize more exhibitions in future when there will be possibilities for this. If this selling will give a good profit, obviously, we will arrange it again very soon. And we will need only to buy date fruits, some books and perhaps some materials for brochures and booklets. As about utensils so we already have all the necessary. During these days we will earn money for charity. Risk Assessment The risk of this selling related to the point, that perhaps not all goods will be soled. Not all the booklets and brochures will be given. So, we may get a little profit or do not get any profit at all. Our costs can exceed the purchase. Another point is related with risk of lack attention of students to this arrangement. Our main clients are students. Surely, if we will provide good advertising, this arrangement will be undoubtedly successful. If we will pay not so much attention to advertising, so our selling will be not so impressive. So, good advertising is the most important thing for our arrangement. This plan is a guide for our action, the product and service part show what we will sale and what we will service to the customers. We want to believe that our first steps in the small business will be done successfully. We realize that it is impossible without mistakes but with its help we will get to know what to do in future. We believe also that our first business plan will help us to see by our eyes what the small business is and what this job demands from us. But it is not all that we are expecting to receive. We want people to know more about date fruits and to discover dates for everyone from new sides. We suppose it will be quite helpful. Everyone will get an opportunity not only to buy tasty dates but also to broad his outlook. We believe we will achieve our aims.

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Reflexivity and Modern Works of Anthropology Essay -- Ethnography Cult

Reflexivity and Modern Works of Anthropology The role of reflexivity in Anthropology has changed a great deal over time. The effects of doing ethnography on the ethnographer was not considered an important mode of inquiry in the past. While inevitably, going to far distant lands and living with a culture so different from your own will at least cause the ethnographer to reflect on personal issues but most likely will cause profound changes in the way he or she will view the world. But in the past these changes were not important. What was necessary for the ethnographer to do in the past was to document a culture break it down structurally and quantify the observations made. The reflexive nature of his or her experiences were of little or no importance to the anthropological community. But over the years this has changed tremendously and Anthropology concerns itself more and more with the interactions between the ethnographer and his or her informants and the changes that occur in both due to the research being conducted. The sc ope of this paper will be to show this transition and also why it occurred. The role of the Anthropologist in the past has been to document other cultures in order so the colonial authorities could better know how to rule them this is apparent in Bronislaw Malinowski's essay on the Trobriand islanders. He said, "The ethnographer has in the field, according to what has just been said, the duty before him of drawing up all the rules and regularities of tribal life; all that is permanent and fixed; of giving an anatomy of their culture, of depicting the constitution of their society. But these things, though crystallized and set, are nowhere formulated. There is no written or explicitly expressed code ... ... not to say that a "scientific" documentation of the structure of the culture being studied should be forgotten about. But rather instead of being the main point of concern (as with Malinowski) it should be used to strengthen the arguments expressed by the author. Also as done with many other forms reflexivity should be able to be expressed in more abstract ways instead of just simply stating how you were effected and vice versa. But overall I think reflexivity is a good thing for Anthropological writing. In conclusion, anthropology has come long way in the past few generations, at least in the sense of the writings produced by the students of this field. But perhaps this is due to the audience who reading the works and not the anthropologists doing the research. In any case reflexivity is definitely more openly expressed in the more modern works of Anthropology.

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Procrastination :: essays research papers

Perhaps there are a few things you inevitably procrastinate about. For me, it is sending condolence letters and sorting and filing those ever-growing piles of paper that, had I tackled them when the piles were short, would have been much less forbidding. But perhaps your tendency to procrastinate is more pervasive, affecting many or all spheres of your life and keeping you from realizing your dreams and potential. You may come up with a seemingly logical excuse for delaying tasks, like "I do my best work under pressure" or "I can't do this job until I feel like doing it." You may even joke about it being too much to ask of a "lazy" person like you. But in your heart you know you are failing yourself and probably others as well. And in your heart you know there are some tasks you will never get around to, despite their importance and promises you have made to yourself and others. Whether you are a minor or major procrastinator, putting off what you know you should be doing can eat away at you, robbing you of a sense of confidence and mastery and filling you instead with anxiety and dread. No matter how deep-seated your tendency to procrastinate, psychologists insist you can be cured of this all-too-common ailment. There are a host of techniques, many of which have been tested on some of the nation's most egregious procrastinators, to help you overcome the tendency to postpone or ignore tasks you find forbidding, offensive or just plain disagreeable. Chronic procrastinators often fail to recognize or acknowledge their problem, an essential first step in overcoming it. There are at least six styles of procrastinators, says Dr. Linda Sapadin, a psychologist in Valley Stream, N.Y., who with Jack Maguire has written a new book, "It's About Time" (Viking Penguin, $15.95): PERFECTIONISTS tend to become overly preoccupied with details or fear starting or finishing a project that may not meet their high standards. They want things done their way and so have difficulty delegating tasks. DREAMERS have grandiose ideas about what they would like to do but rarely get going on these projects. They wait for opportunities to present themselves instead of just digging in. They tend to do what they feel like doing at the moment, despite previous plans or priorities. They expect great things from themselves that never seem to happen. WORRIERS tend to paralyze themselves before starting a project with a series of "what if's.

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Oedipus the King: Bliss in Ignorance :: Oedipus Rex Essays

Oedipus Rex - Bliss in Ignorance One of the most memorable and meaningful Socratic quotes applies well when in context of Sophocles' Theban Trilogy. "The unexamined life is not worth living," proclaims Socrates. He could have meant many things by this statement, and in relation to the play, the meaning is found to be even more complex. Indeed, the situation of Oedipus, king of Thebes, the truth of this statement is in question. Would Oedipus have been better off if he was blind to the knowledge of his birth and the fate which was foretold to someday befall him? Truly though, his life would have been a far better and easier path had he never known about his true origins. His life in Corinth would have been long and prosperous, and Thebes would have lived on under King Laius. In fact, everyone would have been better off in the long run if Oedipus had not ventured out beyond the walls of Corinth. So is it worth living an examined life? Socrates had made this statement long after the creation of the Theban Trilogy. In the context of his own time, this was meant to imply that life must be examined and reflected upon, known and discovered by each individual philosopher to better enrich life for all. Yet in terms of Sophoclean drama, specifically Oedipus Rex, this was meant in a vastly different way. The unexamined life was one that was in the dark, unknown as to what fate lied beyond every turn and irony of living. Oedipus, up to the point in which he heard the comment in the tavern in Corinth, lived an unexamined life. To Socrates, he was an unfulfilled man, one who deserved to know more, one who was not complete. However, in a much less metaphysical sense, Oedipus' life was complete, in that he had all that he needed, and was living a happy and fruitful life. As the drama progresses, he finds out more and more, learning exactly what the implications of his birth was, he suffers the fate for examining his life. So what Socrates had meant, that the life which was not rich with self exploration and reflection was not worth living, was indeed different than its application in terms of Oedipus, who's life was unexamined, yet complete. The question arises, what would life have been like, if Oedipus had not discovered his true origins? Oedipus the King: Bliss in Ignorance :: Oedipus Rex Essays Oedipus Rex - Bliss in Ignorance One of the most memorable and meaningful Socratic quotes applies well when in context of Sophocles' Theban Trilogy. "The unexamined life is not worth living," proclaims Socrates. He could have meant many things by this statement, and in relation to the play, the meaning is found to be even more complex. Indeed, the situation of Oedipus, king of Thebes, the truth of this statement is in question. Would Oedipus have been better off if he was blind to the knowledge of his birth and the fate which was foretold to someday befall him? Truly though, his life would have been a far better and easier path had he never known about his true origins. His life in Corinth would have been long and prosperous, and Thebes would have lived on under King Laius. In fact, everyone would have been better off in the long run if Oedipus had not ventured out beyond the walls of Corinth. So is it worth living an examined life? Socrates had made this statement long after the creation of the Theban Trilogy. In the context of his own time, this was meant to imply that life must be examined and reflected upon, known and discovered by each individual philosopher to better enrich life for all. Yet in terms of Sophoclean drama, specifically Oedipus Rex, this was meant in a vastly different way. The unexamined life was one that was in the dark, unknown as to what fate lied beyond every turn and irony of living. Oedipus, up to the point in which he heard the comment in the tavern in Corinth, lived an unexamined life. To Socrates, he was an unfulfilled man, one who deserved to know more, one who was not complete. However, in a much less metaphysical sense, Oedipus' life was complete, in that he had all that he needed, and was living a happy and fruitful life. As the drama progresses, he finds out more and more, learning exactly what the implications of his birth was, he suffers the fate for examining his life. So what Socrates had meant, that the life which was not rich with self exploration and reflection was not worth living, was indeed different than its application in terms of Oedipus, who's life was unexamined, yet complete. The question arises, what would life have been like, if Oedipus had not discovered his true origins?

Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker

An Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker (ELCB) (now referred to as residual current circuit breaker) is a safety device used in electrical installations with high earth impedance to prevent shock. History ELCBs were mainly used on TT earthing systems. Nowadays, ELCBs have been mostly replaced by residual-current devices (RCDs). However many ELCBs are still in use. Early ELCBs responded to sine wave fault currents, but not to rectified fault current. Over time, filtering against nuisance trips has also improved. Early ELCBs thus offer a little less safety and higher risk of nuisance trip. The ability to distinguish between a fault condition and non-risk conditions is called discrimination. ELCB manufacturers include: Legrand, Havells, ABB, Siemens AG, Areva T&D, Camsco, Telemecanique, Orion Italia, Crabtree, MEM. [edit] Types There are two types of ELCB: †¢ voltage operated and, †¢ current operated. [edit] Voltage-operated Voltage-operated ELCBs were introduced in the early 20th century, and provided a major advance in safety for mains electrical supplies with inadequate earth impedance. V-ELCBs have been in widespread use since then, and many are still in operation but are no longer installed in new construction. A voltage-operated ELCB detects a rise in potential between the protected interconnected metalwork (equipment frames, conduits, enclosures) and a distant isolated earth reference electrode. They operate at a detected potential of around 50 volts to open a main breaker and isolate the supply from the protected premises. [2] A voltage-operated ELCB has a second terminal for connecting to the remote reference earth connection. The earth circuit is modified when an ELCB is used; the connection to the earth rod is passed through the ELCB by connecting to its two earth terminals. One terminal goes to the installation earth CPC (circuit [[Power system protection |protective]] conductor, aka earth wire), and the other to the earth rod (or sometimes other type of earth connection). Disadvantages of the voltage-operated ELCB are the requirement for a second connection, and the possibility that any additional connection to earth on the protected system can disable the detector. edit] Current-operated Current-operated ELCBs are generally known as Residual-current devices (RCD). These also protect against earth leakage. Both circuit conductors (supply and return) are run through a sensing coil; any imbalance of the currents means the magnetic field does not perfectly cancel. The device detects the imbalance and trips the contact. When the term ELCB is used it usually means a voltage-operated device. Similar devices that are current operated are called residual-current devices. However, some companies use the term ELCB to distinguish high sensitivity current operated 3 phase devices that trip in the milliamp range from traditional 3 phase ground fault devices that operate at much higher currents (traditional gf devices are insensitive due to the error inherently associated with the summation of currents from multiple current transformers). [edit] Connection [edit] Operation An ELCB is a specialised type of latching relay that has a building's incoming mains power connected through its switching contacts so that the ELCB disconnects the power in an earth leakage (unsafe) condition. The ELCB detects fault currents from live to the earth (ground) wire within the installation it protects. If sufficient voltage appears across the ELCB's sense coil, it will switch off the power, and remain off until manually reset. A voltage-sensing ELCB does not sense fault currents from live to any other earthed body. [edit] Advantages ELCBs have one advantage over RCDs: they are less sensitive to fault conditions, and therefore have fewer nuisance trips. (This does not mean they always do, as practical performance depends on installation details and the discrimination enhancing filtering in the ELCB. Therefore by electrically separating cable armour from cable CPC, an ELCB can be arranged to protect against cable damage only, and not trip on faults in downline installations. [edit] Disadvantages ELCBs have some disadvantages: †¢ They do not detect faults that don't pass current through the CPC to the earth rod. †¢ They do not allow a single building system to be easily split into multiple sections with independent fault protection, because earthing systems are usually bonded to pipework. They may be tripped by external voltages from something connected to the earthing system such as metal pipes, a TN-S earth or a TN-C-S combined neutral and earth. †¢ As with RCDs, electrically leaky appliances such as some water heaters, washing machines and cookers may cause the ELCB to trip. †¢ ELCBs introduce additional resistance and an additional point of failure into the earthing system. [edit] Earth bypassing It is not unusual for ELCB protected installation to have a second unintentional connection to earth somewhere, one that does not pass through the ELCB sense coil. This can occur via metal pipework in contact with the ground, metal structural framework, outdoor home appliances in contact with soil, and so on. When this occurs, fault current may pass to earth without being sensed by the ELCB. Despite this, perhaps counterintuitively, the operation of the ELCB is not compromised. The purpose of the ELCB is to prevent earthed metalwork rising to a dangerous voltage during fault conditions, and the ELCB continues to do this just the same, the ELCB will still cut the power at the same CPC voltage level. (The difference is that higher fault current is then needed to reach this voltage. ) [edit] Nuisance trips While voltage and current on the earth line is usually fault current from a live wire, this is not always the case, thus there are situations in which an ELCB can nuisance trip. When an installation has two connections to earth, a nearby high current lightning strike will cause a voltage gradient in the soil, presenting the ELCB sense coil with enough voltage to cause it to trip. If the installation's earth rod is placed close to the earth rod of a neighbouring building, a high earth leakage current in the other building can raise the local ground potential and cause a voltage difference across the two earths, again tripping the ELCB. Close earth rods are unsuitable for ELCB use for this reason, but in real life such installations are sometimes encountered. Both RCDs and ELCBs are prone to nuisance trips from normal harmless earth leakage to some degree. On one hand ELCBs are on average older, and hence tend to have less well developed filtering against nuisance trips, and on the other hand ELCBs are inherently immune to some of the causes of false trips RCDs suffer, and are generally less sensitive than RCDs. In practice RCD nuisance trips are much more common. Another cause of nuisance tripping is due to accumulated or burden currents caused by items with lowered insulation resistance. This may occur due to older equipment, or equipment with heating elements, or even wiring in buildings in the tropics where prolonged damp and rain conditions can cause the insulation resistance to lower due to moisture tracking. If there is a 30 mA protective device in use and there is a 10mA burden from various sources then the unit will trip at 20 mA. The individual items may each be electrically safe but a large number of small burden currents accumulates and reduces the tripping level. This was more a problem in past installations where multiple circuits were protected by a single ELCB. Heating elements of the tubular form are filled with a very fine powder that can absorb moisture if the element has not be used for some time. In the tropics, this may occur, for example if a clothes drier has not been used for a year or a large water boiler used for coffee etc. has been in storage. In such cases, if the unit is allowed to power up without RCD protection then it will normally dry out and successfully pass inspection. This type of problem can be seen even with brand new equipment. edit] Failure to respond Some ELCBs do not respond to rectified fault current. This issue is the same in principle with ELCBs and RCDs, but ELCBs are on average much older and specs have improved considerably over the years, so an old ELCB is more likely to have some uncommon fault current waveform that it will not respond to. With any mechanical device, failures occur, and ELCBs should ide ally be tested periodically to ensure they still work. If either of the earth wires become disconnected from the ELCB, it will no longer trip and the installation will often no longer be properly earthed

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Improving Health Literacy with Clear Communication Essay

Health literacy, defined as the ability to search, find, understand, evaluate and act on health information to promote, maintain and improve health in a variety of ways across the lifespan (Manafo & Wong, 2013). Paasche-Orlow and Wolf proposed a conceptual model of this relationship that highlights the two-sided nature of health literacy: the role of self-care and personal skill development, and the importance of a therapeutic relationship between patient and healthcare provider. As two aspects operate together in promoting efficient health literacy outcomes, a top priority of health literacy for Canadians is having the necessary capacity, opportunity, and encouragement to collect and use health information efficiently; so, they can act as educated partners in their self-care (Manafo, 2013). Unfortunately, Canadians have a low level of health literacy, which associates with poorer health outcomes. Low health education interferes health promotion and well-being of the aging Canadian population (Poureslami, Rootman, Pleasant, FitzGerald, 2016). Enhancing individual health literacy skills is the next step in promoting the use and uptake of information available to support Canadians’ health and well-being (Manafo, 2013). Improved health literacy associated with reductions in risk behaviors for chronic disease, higher self-reported health status, and decreased health care utilization. (Poureslami, Nimmon, Rootman, FitzGerald, 2017). Due to the active commun ication between health care providers, who play an essential function in health promotion, management of chronic disease, and disease prevention, we can reach a sufficient level of HL of public (Poureslami, 2106). According to the Erickson’s model, middle age defines as the time between ages 35 to 65. Significant physiological and psychological changes that are gradual and inevitable may occur between the ages 40 and 65 years. The physiological and psychosocial changes presented in the middle adulthood may be accompanied by declining of physical strength and the awareness of mortality (Potter &Perry, 2014). Chronic health disorders can arise as an issue accompanied by disability or disease. Successful chronic disease management (CDM) requires patient and health care provider collaboration in which health literacy is foundational. This partnership less effective when patients do not have the skills to process and act on health information and providers lack the skills and resources to deliver that information in ways that support comprehension and uptake (Poureslami, 2106). The aging population, especially among ethnic groups with chronic diseases, have been found to be at higher risk for misunderstanding their diagnosis, treatment plan, and instructions for self-management. It is crucial to understand better the role of the community and public health in supporting health literacy and chronic disease self-management. Creating community-based education and health public programs that mediate exchange and uptake information (FitzGerald, Poureslami, 2014). The source of many chronic health conditions, including type II diabetes and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), is behavioral. Furthermore, the successful control of chronic diseases, including asthma, relies on a patient’s activities and beh aviors. Asthma can be well controlled when patients put maximum effort to manage exposures to triggers, maintain constant contact with health care providers, and follow specialists’ recommendations and treatments (Bender, 2015). Due to the therapeutic relationship between a nurse and a patient, a shared-decision-making approach has demonstrated positive results in practical application in asthma care (Bender, 2105). Providers who practice patient-centered care often utilize a shared decision-making communication plan to examine patients’ perspectives and involve them in making decisions about their health. According to the recent researching, higher adherence and low percentage of urgent care are recorded in the group of patients whose provider received the shared decision-making training in comparison with the other group of asthmatics whose symptoms got worst due to the routine care and guidelines management instructions. (Bender, 2015). Ineffective asthma management is costly for patients’ and taxpayers budget. According to the statistical numbers from National Health Survey of 2014, the number of patients with asthma increased by 28 % from 2001 to 2011. Moreover, the estimated cost of asthm a for taxpayers budget was $ 56 billion in 2007 (Mishra, Kashif, Venkatram, George, Luo & Diaz-Fuentes, 2017). Asthma action plan (AAP) is highly recommended in addition to education to improve outcomes in asthmatics. â€Å"To improve asthma management and reduce the number of deaths from the condition, the national guidance recommends that patients are offered a written, personalized asthma action plan (Newell, 2015, p.12). The Asthma Action Plan provides information about asthma stages identifying when symptoms become worse, medication, and what to do in an emergency. The healthcare provider will write asthma plan with an explanation about right using of inhalers and elimination of all triggers (Newell,2015). The nursing process of writing AAP consists of four phases: assessing, planning, implementing, and evaluating (Newell, 2015). An individualized written action plan is adjusted to the patient’s asthma severity and treatment. Several studies have shown that asthma education improves outcomes like asthma-related emergency room (ER) utilization and hospitalization, unscheduled doct ors’ visits, days off work, and quality of life.

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How Markets and Investors value stocks Essay

Collectively, Team B believes stock is a security that shows possession in a company or asset and symbolizes claim from investors or the owner. The market and invests are interested in two types of stocks which are common and preferred. Common stock typically gives a share of ownership in a corporation, to which gives owners and investors rights to vote or make decisions, and a right to receive dividends. Preferred stock, gives no decision-making or voting rights, but has a greater return on assets and earnings to investors than the common shares. When preferred stocks are purchased, the investor has an expectation when dividends are to be received because of the regular intervals they are paid. With common stocks, the board of directors determines if a dividend will be paid or not. When evaluating stocks, there are two key variables, which are profitability and growth (Mcconnache, 2007). Stock ownership is decided by the quantity of shares a shareowner has comparative to the quantit y of outstanding shares. When appraising stocks, a valuation should include all risk, expansion plans and a strategy to diversify. With Internet technology investors have a considerable amount of resources to measure the profitability of stocks. This technology allows investors to aggressively and vigorously searches for corporations that can provide a high return on investment. Investors should be interested in the future growth of a corporation vice only considering the present day value. New ideas should be considered a strategy when estimating the future growth and profitability of a stock cash flow (â€Å"How To Value A Stock†, 2009). The market has a tremendous effect on the value of a stock and its profitability through supply and demand. The market has the abilities to determine when to allocate resources to adjust the supply and  demand. When that shift happens it regulate the increase or decrease of the stock price in the market. The stock market can undervalue a stock for countless intention such as dividends, earnings, and sales. These intensions attract investor that anticipates purchasing stocks prior to the market snowballing the prices. When investors find it safe or feel knowledgeable about the stock or market, and understand the rules governing the market are fair, it grows at a faster pace (â€Å"How To Value A Stock†, 2009). Even through the stock market can seen intimidating, there are safeguards for investors, which are the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD). SEC controls and develops laws and regulations that govern the securities industry and NASD manages added regulations and put in force federal securities acts. These two organizations provide investor protection and allow an even playing to all. Conclusion Markets and investor evaluate stocks from many different perspectives before making a decision to invest. Many factors to include political, economical, social & cultural and technology influences how a stock can generate revenue for an investor. Moreover, Present Value and Future Value are also methods investors used to determine an valuations of stocks for profitability. Reference Mcconnache, S. (2007). How to Do A Basic Stock Evaluation. Retrieved from How to Value a Stock. (2009). Retrieved from http://www/ Parrino, R., Kidwell, D.S., & Bates, T.W. (2012). Fundamentals of corporate finance (4th ed.). Hoboken, NJ: Wiley.

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Wireless Networks: Free Wireless Access

The availability of free wireless access in local communities with the use of web sites that allows searches for accessibility of wires networks all over the country is the scope of this paper. The paper also provides background information about the experience of having to browse the internet with the use of free wireless access.The paper arrives at a conclusion with a commentary on the issues concerning the movement persuading the government to provide free wireless access to everyone and its possible influences and outcomes, especially to the people and the business sector. It also provides a critical analysis about the notion behind free access, or not having to pay at all, for wireless network connections.Using the three search engines, Wi-Fi Free Spot, JiWire, and HotSpot Locations, the scope of free wireless access providers can be identified. In the United States alone, there are numerous areas, town, cities or states alike, where free wireless access is available.Business es tablishments, such as restaurants, coffee houses, gasoline stations, hotels, movie theaters, etc. provides free wireless access for their customers. Areas that are open to the public, such as public libraries, airports, bus stations, post offices, parks, hospitals, museums, schools and universities, some residential areas, and even beaches, also have free access to wireless networks.Browsing through the World Wide Web with the use of a free wireless network is fast and easy.   Unlike other business establishments who provide subscriptions or payments for the use of their wireless networks, the free wireless access requires no payment at all. Despite the fact that internet usage is free of charge, it also comes with high-speed internet connectivity that would satisfy the requirements of customers who access the internet in these areas.However, accessing the wireless network for free would bring you to electronic billboards packed with numerous advertisements promoting several produ cts and merchandises. Some establishments even advertise their own products over the World Wide Web. For instance, a coffee shop would advertise their most popular or newly launched products while their customer is browsing through the internet, by posting banner advertisements, pop-up windows etc.Well-known brand name producers of personal computers and input devices, mobile phones and personal digital assistants, and such even post banner advertisements to promote their products. I am guessing that these paid advertisements provide for the payment and maintenance of free wireless networks. However, I might be thinking incorrectly.There are numerous wireless operators providing wireless network services in all areas free of charge. The advent of wireless services access began as the use of wireless technologies such as laptops, personal digital assistants, pocket personal computers, and mobile phones has become widespread not just in the country but worldwide. This served as an opp ortunity for business corporations and establishments to gain a new breed of clients, in this case, internet users and clients.The United States government’s policy to provide free wireless access to all was organized by network managements, businessmen and online clients who would want to gain access to the World Wide Web anywhere they go without having to pay anything, and business proprietors alike who were aiming to draw customers to their establishments to help increase their profit.At first, wireless access was offered with due fees that was to be paid by the customer. The free wireless access was implemented right after, when people nationwide asked for free access to networks because of its positive outcomes and benefits.However, providing free wireless access to all harbors certain issues and concerns to the minds of the people. If wireless access is free, then who is paying for it? Business corporations and establishments who advertise through the internet contribut es to free wireless access, however, to base the complimentary access tow wireless networks on paid advertisements is improbable.As city governments over the country are starting to implement the free wireless access to all policy, some people have started second-guessing the concept of free access to wireless networks. Many people say that it is not at all free because the people pay for network access through the taxes they pay to the city government.This issue takes side with the people who do not at all use wireless networks to access the internet. As this is the case, they are obligated to pay for what they are not actually using. However, the benefits of free wireless access to all policy is undeniable, as it is not only available in business establishments but in public areas as well.For instance, providing free network access services in public libraries, educational institutions and universities, and parks, would be beneficial to the learning process of students and the ped agogical techniques of educators. It also organizes and systematizes the life of a community, as it makes communication and provision of services easier. For instance, addressing concerns to the city government is made easier by communicating through the World Wide Web.The other side of free wireless access influences the business sector. As they used to believe that providing free wireless access would allow them to invite people in purchasing their products, it has only done otherwise.To illustrate, coffee shops who provide free wireless access are packed with customers each day, however, it does not hold true that they really purchase products from them. Some people only go to these establishments for the relaxing environment and the free wireless access.ReferencesCisco. (2007). City Government Improves Service and Stimulates Local Economy. RetrievedDecember 6, 2007, from Cisco Systems, Inc. Website: 0aecd804654bd.htmlHotSpot Locations: The Wireless Directory. (2007). Retrieved December 6, 2007, from Hotspot-Locations. Website: (2007). Retrieved December 6, 2007, from JiWire, Inc. Website:, L. (2005). Wireless Access: The Next Great Municipal Crisis. Retrieved December 6,2007, from Ziff Davis Enterprise, Inc. Website: HotSpot Locations: The Wireless Directory. (2007). Retrieved December 6, 2007, from Hotspot-Locations. Website: Free Spot: The Wi-Fi-Freespot Directory. (2007). Retrieved December 6, 2007, from Wi-Fi-Freespot Directory. Website:

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My nursing theory Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

My nursing theory - Essay Example The primary purpose of the interaction between humans and the environment is adaptation. Humans’ exposure to stressors (stimuli within the environment) triggers the development of coping mechanisms, which enable them to adapt to the changing environment. Each individual has two major subsystems; the regulator and cognator internal processing subsystems, which help them, cope with stimuli from both the external and internal environment. The regulator subsystem functions through the autonomic nervous system (perception and neural pathways, endocrine system) whereby the mechanism prepares individuals for dealing with environmental stimuli. On the other hand, the cognator mechanism comprises of perceptual/information processing, emotions, judgment and learning. The process of perception bridges or connects the two mechanisms. Roy asserts that nursing’s primary goal is to facilitate a patient’s development of health, which she defined as the process of becoming and be ing a whole and integrated person (Roy, 1980). Fundamental to all human beings, is their need to cling to their concept of a Higher Power. For some, acknowledging the existence of an existential being that possesses supernatural powers, which one cannot research quantitatively or qualitatively defines their conceptualization of God (Higher Power). Conversely, others negate the existence of a God, as they instead chose to focus on universal moral principles, which are not culture specific and promote equal and humane treatment of all; for example, they believe that it is wrong to kill or steal as it compromises another person’s quality of life. My personal nursing philosophy is primarily centered on acknowledging the existence of cultural diversity. Cultural diversity influences the differences in individual’s conceptualization of God. As such, it is crucial for nursing professionals to respect each patient’s

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Payments and Finance in International Trade Essay

Payments and Finance in International Trade - Essay Example In sharp contrast to the results, we find that liberalization has, on average, robust positive effects on growth, openness and investment rates within countries. We have some examples of Trade Liberalization (Arnold, 2007). The payment instruction was subsequently misplaced on the desk of a clerk at Mega Bank and accordingly the relevant accounting entries for crediting Alpha's account were not made by Mega Bank, and Alpha was not notified that payment from Delta had been received. On July 5th, Delta instructed its bank, Grand Banque in Paris, to make a funds transfer to Alpha's account at Mega Bank in London to be credited on or before July 7th. On the morning of July 6th, in order to effect the payment, Grand Banque debited Delta's account and simultaneously sent payment instructions via SWIFT to its correspondent bank in the UK, Royal Bank PLC, instructing it to make an inter-bank transfer to Mega Bank in sterling for credit to Alpha's account on or before close of business on July 7th. Royal Bank went ahead and sent the payment order to Mega Bank on July 6th, with instructions to credit the account of Alpha on or before close of business on July 7th. White barle... Alpha is frustrated that it has not yet been paid and advises Delta on 8th July that it is no longer liable to perform under the contract (Balamurugan and Madhura, 2002). Many of the hurdles to international trade took the shape of high tariffs on imports of manufactured goods. The typical aim of such tariffs was to protect domestic industries from foreign competition. On consequence, however, were "beggar of neighbor" retaliatory trade policies with countries progressively raising trade barriers against each other. Ultimately, this depressed world demand and contributed to the Great Depression of the 1930s. This event was the boom that woke the world up but it was not the only reason that led to liberalization. People begun to realize that their basic necessities were not satisfied because they are not available in their home country or too expensive because of the imposed tariffs. They also realized that they will gain advantages through engaging in international trade, like improving their living standard and satisfying more needs (Brennan and Cao, 1996). If the country is going to export, it will need to expand it output which means more people will be hired and living standard will improve. Moreover when removing tariffs imposed on imported goods that my country doesn't produce, people will be able to purchase them at reasonable prices therefore satisfying more needs. The developed countries realized that even if they have comparative advantage in some products, they should specialize in the production of those goods that it produces most efficiently and to buy the goods that it produces less efficiently from other countries, even if this means buying goods from other countries that it could produce more efficiently itself (Brinblatt,

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Is humanitarian assistance with displaced populations and refugees Essay

Is humanitarian assistance with displaced populations and refugees useful, neutral, or harmful - Essay Example There are several organizations that have been established to look into the issuance of humanitarian assistance to affected individuals of the humanitarian disasters (Slim, 1997). There have been variations in contemporary international relations in 21st century caused by advent of globalization process and termination of the cold war. Struggle for power among states and relationships involving organizations and individuals, have been subjected to numerous alterations resulting in a totally changed international scenario. All these variations have been regarded as a threat to state sovereignty. Domestic and international organizations have come to realize that human rights deprivations are issues that cannot be solely left in the hands of domestic jurisdiction alone (Grossrieder, 2003). In fact, there is more displaced populations and refugees in the 21st century that has led to the formation humanitarian assistance of various kinds. Looking at the happenings and calamities facing the world and various human societies in the 21st century, there has been much work that has been done by Humanitarian Assistance organizations especially in saving and bringing back the joy of life to the displaced populations and refugees in general. Consequently, these organizations (HA) are considered to be useful and not neutral or harmful not only because of the work they undertake as far as Humanitarian Assistance is concerned, but also because of their willingness risk their lives for the sake of displaced persons and refugees in general. The usefulness of HA could be attributed to the need that led to their formation. For instance, the aftermath of the cold war prompted the establishment of the right to humanitarian assistance in different years. First and foremost, the resolution 43-131 that would regulate delivery of humanitarian aid to victims of natural disaster and any other related cause was approved by the UN general assembly in December 8, 1998. A similar resolution

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Reflection paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 19

Reflection paper - Essay Example I read many medical terms while completing this activity. The words or abbreviations were PRN, vaccine, injection, body surface area, means and extremes, milliequivalent , proportion and ratio. These five steps could be used in various problem solving situations, for example they remind you to ask questions when help is needed. They also reminded to do what needs to be done and that I should show initiative and be a team player. Dealing with Medical math this observational serve introduced me to some Pediatric considerations in dealing with medications and where Medical Math is used. Here are some of the various formulas that are used for calculating dosages for children. They are Young’s Rule, Clark’s Rule, Fried’s Rule and Body surface area. I also learned the Five Rules for Medication Administration and they are right dose, right time, right route, right medication, and the right patient. I learned the routes of administration as well and they are enteral, percutaneous, and parenteral. (Christensen, p.395) This assignment of doing an observational serve would be good for a Medical Math course for it gave me practical knowledge and practice using my math skills, for example means and extremes. It also gave me a chance to show what I can do in a Pediatric type office. I found out that I liked working with the children. This observational serve showed me how to use the various problem solving skills in an academic way along with dealing with social issues when I was reading to the children and some of them were afraid and I read a children’s book about visiting the doctor’s

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Understanding HR concepts Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Understanding HR concepts - Essay Example Evidently, human resource managers use training as a performance appraisal tool, which they conduct either after selection of the employees or during a specific time of the year. Organizations such as Ubisoft initiate a yearly program of performance appraisal as part of their talent development strategy. The value of employee training is an issue that has drawn a lot of controversy within the field of research. Research shows that employee training is a complex and expensive process that demands both time and resources from the organization. Therefore, training increases an organization’s expenses within a year, a feature that has become undesirable for many organizations. During a century of intensive business competition, organizations are experiencing financial constraints and their priority is to minimise any expenses. Some organizations have eliminated their training programs as one way of cutting the costs of production. However, there is evidence that employee training may have a wide range of benefits for an organization. First, training keeps the employees motivated and gives them the zeal to work confidently within their department. Secondly, there is evidence that trained employees have a higher work output and this contributes to an increase in the profit generate d within a year. In addition, employee training helps to develop employee’s talents to help them grow as the organization grows (Bratton & Gold, 2001). This explains why large companies have elaborate training programs that seek to improve the employee performance. However, there are obstacles to employee training programs that the human resource managers must anticipate while implementing performance appraisal. Training may become ineffective when employee have acquired optimal performance and feel that they cannot learn more. In this case, investing in employee training does not improve worker performance. In other cases, the employees may feel

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Case Study about Multisystem Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Case Study about Multisystem - Assignment Example Physical examination must be made in a systematic fashion from head to toe with attention to the skin. Special attention must be paid to any abnormal vital signs or evidence of toxicity (Cash, & Glass, 2011). An important aspect of the physical examination will require the patient to get naked so that a proper evaluation can be made. This is needed as patients are often unaware of a rash on their back, buttocks, soles, or perineum. During the physical examination, involvement of the mucous membranes must be examined in areas including mouth, lips, conjunctiva, anus, and vagina. General diagnostic testing must be made so as to support the diagnosis. Biopsy is done by extracting a tissue sample from the patient’s skin for examination under the microscope. The biopsy results upon diagnosis will demonstrate detachment of the epidermis from the dermis. Recommendations for Management The initial step to be done in managing this disease is to identify the probable cause of the condit ion. If the disease is caused by medicine; then the subsequent action is to discontinue any medications suspected of causing Stevens Johnson Syndrome. According to Patterson, Grammer, & Greenberger early discontinuation of the etiologic drug has been reported to improve survival in patients (Patterson, Grammer, & Greenberger, Pg. 234, 2009). All medication started within the past months should be discontinued. Patients affected by this situation require immediate hospitalization; in burn centers or intensive care units. Such patients are treated in a manner similar to that of burn patients. Treatment for Stevens Johnson Syndrome is symptomatic and supportive. Supportive... The initial step to be done in managing this disease is to identify the probable cause of the condition. If the disease is caused by medicine; then the subsequent action is to discontinue any medications suspected of causing Stevens Johnson Syndrome. According to Patterson, Grammer, & Greenberger early discontinuation of the etiologic drug has been reported to improve survival in patients. All medication started within the past months should be discontinued. Patients affected by this situation require immediate hospitalization; in burn centers or intensive care units. Such patients are treated in a manner similar to that of burn patients. Treatment for Stevens Johnson Syndrome is symptomatic and supportive. Supportive care given to the patient while he is hospitalized includes; fluid replacement, nutrition, wound care, and eye care. Special consideration must be given to airway as well as hemodynamic stability. Fluid status must also be considered in cases whereby the patient lost fl uid via affected seeping areas where the skin came off. Its management focuses on the removal of the offending agent and replacement of fluid losses. This is done by intravenous fluid repletion. Great volumes of colloids and crystalloids are important in maintenance of electrolyte balance. Care of the wound must be made.

Expose Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Expose - Article Example However, the electrician did nothing and said he would come to fix it later. Many residents believe that short circuit catalysed the occurrence of the fire. After the fire, the casualties were moved to another labour camp In AlShahaniya. Also, the employees were promised 200 riyals above their April salaries as compensation for the damage. Many volunteers have been appealing for food and clothe donations for the displaced men. Firstly, the article highlighted the troubling facts about the living conditions of the employees in the labour camps. Kovessy (2015) indicates that over eight men live in one room and there are no fire safety measures in the labour camps such as fire extinguishers and emergency exits despite the overcrowding of the rooms. Questions have been raised about Qatar’s commitment to safeguarding the welfare of their labour force despite the enormous wealth of the country. The evident negligence of the camp supervisors should have been questioned in courts since it was the major cause of the fire. The majority of the Sri Lankan employees are opting to go home despite the Sri Lankan embassy encouraging them to go back to work. They claim that they still don’t trust the safety standards of the labour camp. It is not understandable why the Sri Lankan government is not doing enough to cater for the rights of their nationals. A spokesman for the Sri Lankan embassy stated that no one was killed in the disaster; however, unconfirmed reports indicated that two Bangladesh nationals were killed in the fire. The statement exposed how the Sri Lankan Government is trying to cover up Qatar despite the fact that their nationals are suffering. Despite the fact that, the spokesperson was indicating the fire was evidence for the substandard housing conditions for the labourers, they agreed to settle for only 200 Riyal per employee. The displaced employees only escaped with the clothes on their bodies and 200 riyals could not possibly compensate for

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Background of Benjamin Franklin Essay Example for Free

Background of Benjamin Franklin Essay â€Å"The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin† was thought by himself to be â€Å"the bold and arduous project of arriving at moral perfection†. It refers to when he was in his twenties, around 1726, he found himself jobless; penniless; in debt and suddenly a single father. He was very intelligent and he knew there was definitely something wrong in his life and he was eager to make a change. So he wrote this autobiography not only to tell his son about his life but also to improve his financial situation and to provide a model for self-improvement for anyone interested. In order to achieve his goal, Franklin developed and committed himself to a personal improvement program that consisted of thirteen virtues. Actually, Franklin found twelve virtues out of thirteen in the reading (124). And another one was from the suggestion of his friend (133). Franklin made a list of thirteen virtues as follow: silence; order; resolution; frugality; industry; sincerity ; justice; moderation; cleanliness; tranquility; chastity and humility (125-126). The first eight virtues relate to people’s attitudes towards their daily activities and their challenges, which belongs to personal virtues . The last five virtues that Franklin stated concern one’s attitudes toward people with whom one has to be dealings, which fall into social virtues. Franklin set forth the thirteen virtues in a very practical and rational way. Simultaneously, he gave reasons for the order of these virtues (126). He put temperance at the top of the list, while humility came last. If a person can conquer temperance, such a primal urge for food or drink, he can keep a cool and clean mind to do something more important, thus making self-development in other virtues. Overall, his rational arrangement for the virtues makes each prior virtue help Franklin acquire each following virtue. In order to acquire these thirteen virtues, Franklin charted his daily progress, focusing his attention on one virtue each week, so after thirteen weeks he had completed all the virtues (127-128). Keeping track of his successes and failures in a small book, he kept it with him at all times for many years. Every night before going to bed, he would reflect and evaluate himself on what he had acquired and what he had failed. His goal was to minimize faults in his life, thus indicating he was moving toward living a more virtuous life free of mistakes. Although Franklin tried to follow the virtues himself, he sometimes strayed from his good intentions. The most troublesome virtue he met with was order (130-132). It was partly because Franklins good memory made order not as necessary. When he was young he remembered whenever he left anything. As he grew older, his memory became poorer and poorer, which caused him problems with order. Partly because he was a business man to be interrupted from the public frequently so that he could not focus on something as it was expected. Another troublesome virtue Franklin confronted with was humility (133). Virtually, Franklin was born to be proud, but he had to pretend to be humble in public so that he could establish a good social status. Though Franklin admitted in his autobiography that he often fell short, he believed the process helped make him a better man and contributed to his success and happiness (131-132). For example, temperance contributed to his long life and good health. As for persisting in Industry and Frugality, he accumulated a lot of wealth and gained a large scope of knowledge to do scientific research. All those virtues together had shaped Franklin’s very pleasant personality. Furthermore, the autobiography indicates Franklin was very intelligent. Initially, he could list out these virtues in the reading (124) and the method of virtues was very rational for people to follow(127). In all his life, Franklin had followed his plan of virtues and become a person full of virtuousness. He also set a good model for the descendants to follow and expressed his good will for them (132). As for the autobiography itself, I completely agree with his consents â€Å"the bold and arduous project.† It means that it was not easy for people to follow. But Franklin himself had proved to be very successful in many fields by following his plan of thirteen virtues. Franklin was also a very responsible person because he educated and raised his son on his own. He was passionate about science, that’s why he had made great contribution to our society, making a lot of inventions: lighting rod, Franklin’s stove and odometer, so on and so forth. The autobiography can be of great use to others. If only we descendants can follow his virtues, we can make great self-improvement in our own fields and in moral standards. I have been reckoning how Franklin made his own name? When he was twenty-two years old, he was strikingly impoverished and a single father. But by the age of forty-two, Franklin had achieved all his goals, which were not acquired by accident, but by his strong faith in his virtues. For more than twenty years, six days a week with dirty hands, Franklin had been doing the routine work in the printing house. Every night he constantly made self-criticism on what he had achieved and what he should have to acquire. If only I can follow some of Franklin’s thirteen virtues, I am definitely making great progress in my study overseas and in my future teaching career. Take the virtue order for example, it sounds so minor that we can easily neglect in our daily life, actually, searching for items for class every day is always time-consuming. If I can arrange everything in its place, I would study more efficiently and achieve much higher grades. Of course, the thirteen virtues are a good guide for me to follow. In fact, keeping track of how well I do in maintaining the virtues and having positive character traits, as Franklin did, is worth trying.

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Interest Rates Affects on the Is-Lm Model Essay Example for Free

Interest Rates Affects on the Is-Lm Model Essay Assignment 4 5. According to the IS-LM model, what happens to the interest rate, income, consumption and invest under the following circumstances. a. The central bank increases money supply. An increase in the money supple shifts the LM curve downward. The equilibrium moves from point A to point B. Income rises from Y1 to Y2 and the interest rate falls from r1 to r2. Therefore this increase in money supply causes a decrease in interest rate, an increase in income, an increase in consumption and an increase in investment. LM Income, output, Y b. Government increases government purchases An increase in government purchases result in a shift in the IS curve to the right. The equilibrium moves from point A to point B. Income rises from Y1 to Y2 and interest rate rises from r1 to r2. This increase in government purchases therefore causes interest rate to rise and income also rises. Consumption will also increase but the increase in government purchases will cause investment to decrease. interest rate, r LM IS2 IS1 Income, output, Y c. The government increases taxes. An increase in taxes shifts the IS curve to the left. The equilibrium moves from point A to point B. Income falls from Y1 to Y2 and the interest rate from r ¬1 to r 2. Therefore increase in taxes will bring about a decrease in interest rate, cause income to also decrease which will decrease consumption also but will result in an increase in investment. interest rate, r LM IS1 IS2 Income, output, Y d. The government increase government purchases and taxes equally 6. Consider the following economy of Hicksonia. a. The consumption function is given by C= 200 + 0. 75 (Y T) The investment function is I= 200-25r Government purchases and taxes are both 100.

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Examination Of The Motifs In Till Eulenspiegel Music Essay

Examination Of The Motifs In Till Eulenspiegel Music Essay After an unsuccessful premiere of the opera Guntram in 1894, Strauss was consistently looking for new material for an opera. It appears he became more concrete about plans for an opera after finding the Eulenspiegel material from the chapbook Ein kurtzweilig lesen von Dyl Ulenspiegel [an amusing reading of Dyl Ulenspiegel] from 1515. The opera libretto for Till Eulenspiegel remained only a sketch, but the symphonic poem became a triumph. Franz Wà ¼llner conducted the premiere in November 1895. He asked Strauss for a few programmatic explanations, but the composer restricted himself to enunciating the two Eulenspiegel themes at the beginning. Further, he said that it would be impossible to produce a programme for Eulenspiegel. So this time we will leave the audience to crack the nuts themselves the rogue hands out to them. 615. Up that ladder. See him hang, he is running out of breath, one last convulsion. Till, the mortal, is no longer In my work I have decided to focus on Till Eulenspiegel ´s melodic motifs and their interpretations presented by Mathias Hansen, Thomas Armstrong and Michael Kennedy (see bibliographical references at the end). I have compared and examined them in reference to points on which they agree or disagree and I have integrated my own ideas by implying text to the score. In the first few bars we can find disagreement between the different observations. Mathias Hansen writes that the six introductory bars do not play a role until the epilogue in bar 633. It is true that this introduction does not take over the function of a ritornello in the sense of a Rondeau, but I disagree with the claim that this once upon a time theme has a separate status in the story. The opening phrase is in a folk-lore character taking as back to the times when Till was a historical figure. The first half of Tills theme, starting in bar six, is hesitant, however the second, identical entry is confident and self-assured, as if Till was checking the scene before appearing. Das war ein arger Kobolt wrote Strauss himself under this phrase (He was a wicked Goblin) and the above musical example portrays Till according to Strauss description. Thomas Armstrong notices that prologue is based on the second Till theme in bar 46/47: By writing this theme in its simplest form, we can easily detect that the prologue is a conclusion of it: Hansen also notices the Till-chord, which is the dominant chord in bar 47/48 (related to C and leading to the F home key); further on, he shows the relationship between this chord and the Tristan-chord: written in another tone or interval position, the harmony of the Till-chord corresponds with the one from the Tristan-chord. Strauss: Till EulenspiegeWagner: Tristan und Isolde The section between bars 51 -111 Strauss uses for exposition of the Till themes. One interesting thing is noticed by Armstrong, who shows the appearance of the wicked goblin theme in bar 53, starting with the clarinet and continuing with the first violins, further developments takes place in bassoon and lower strings part. Hansen also refers to these theme in his observation on bar 63 (et sqq) where a compressing through a massive overlapping of the first part of the wicked goblin theme takes place. Hansen writes that the passage from bar 46 et sqq. is dominated by one motif Regardless of its meaning, it [material compression] tries to integrate approximately every note in the context relating to motifs. Such complexity, that tries to dissolve the contrast of primary and secondary material, of foreground and background of a piece, is emerging emphatically in Strausss way of composing Till  [1]  . Hansens dissolving of foreground and background material might be suitable for the passage he is describing; however, if we think of Strausss Don Quixote, which was written two years after Till, we can find a quite clear separation of primary and secondary material. Strauss even assigned the characters of the piece to instruments: there is Don Quixote, who is represented by the solo cello and his squire Sancho Panza, who is described by the solo viola and the bass clarinet. In Till Eulenspiegel the whole passage from bar 46 to bar 134 includes figures that imply use of verbal text; this musical narration finds the words and their meaning in the actual notation of the music; e.g.: Bar. 71 et sqq.: Till is ready for his first prank Bar. 81-85: But when? But where? Bar. 98 et sqq.: Tills zest for action Bar. 105-109: Till is thinking of a crude prank Bar. 111 133: Just you wait you bootlicker! War ten mal! (just you wait) This is when the first true episode takes place. Clarinets rush upwards, cymbal clashes and Till mounts a horse andà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¦jumps! (137et sqq.) Riding roughshod through the market square as the beginning is presented in the string section: Strauss noted down in the score Away in seven-league-boots for bar 151 and 152 notes that depict that theme are assigned to the flutes, the oboes and the clarinets and refer these two bars to the first part of the wicked goblin theme. There is a pause in bar 154 when Till hides himself in a mouse-hole and carefully puts out his head. Armstrong explains the pause in bar 154 with the words: Till seems to be lost. I would rather say that the break has the character of Phew that was a near thing! Starting from bar 157 until 169 Till is again in the heart of a new adventure. Strausss note on that passage: He emerges in disguise as a priest, oozing unction and morality lets us expect a musical caricature. On the contrary, whatever the clarinet, the bassoon and the violas play in a folksong-way of simplicity it has nothing to do with open mockery or cautious irony. The repeated inclusion of the first part of the wicked goblin theme does not radiate the effect of a caricature. With his note The knave peeps out of [his disguise] at the big toe, Strauss must have meant the figure in bar 191: It is when D clarinet presents Tills second theme revealing who is under preacher disguise! The chromatic runs of the horn, trumpets and violins (bars 196 198) show how dangerous Tills practice of mocking religion is at that moment. 9 bars later a glissando in solo violin opens another adventure: Bar. 209 et sqq.: Till the cavalier, exchanging sweet courtesies with beautiful girls Tills horn theme is presented in a romantic way Till felt in love with one of the girls and the music is coated with harmonically richer material. When Till is mistreated by the girl, his themes stomp through the orchestra until the four horns seem to be shaking their fist at the world and this is when in bar. 287 288: He [Till] vows he will take revenge on all mankind The most promoted part of the tone poem starts here (bar 293 et sqq.). Strauss brings the rhythmical energy of the motifs into play. Till is amongst the Philistines whose motif is played by bass clarinet and four bassoons (bar 293 299). Tills horn motif is now played by strings as if Till was asking the pedagogues his questions; this is how Strauss puts it: After he has posed a couple of atrocious theses to the philistines, he leaves them to their fate dumbfounded. The music of this section portrays pointlessness of pedagogues calculations; They have been cornered by Till and left puzzled. Concerning the Philistines, a series of variations develops, in which the formative force is in the rhythmical richness of creation, some of them are composed as canonical variations: In the following passage Strauss tries to create a deceptive silence after the council of the Philistines decided to end Tills days. Till is waiting cautiously for revenge, he takes advantage of this situation and does more and more mischief, rather than trying to become an ordinary citizen. The first Till theme sounds again, Till reappears first in first horn in F in bar 429, then in bar 436 horn in D presents Tills theme enriching the tonality. Starting in bar 429 (et sqq) Till appears again for new pranks and these know no bounds anymore. Consumed by disappointments, he does not appear as a harmless humorist, but as a revengeful human being in a fools costume. It gives a feeling of wildness and in this broadening atmosphere Strauss develops an intensity and complexity of motives combinatory that is difficult to beat. Armstrongs description is also in this direction: The music is keyed up to a higher pitch of excitement than ever. Tills last stretch of development, some 140 bars in length, shows Strausss music in full and unhesitating flight.  [2]   Trying to describe this long passage, I would put the following words: Bar 410 to 429: There is a deceptive silence From bar 486: Till is very successful From bar 546 Till gets up to more and more mischief, he becomes more high-spirited, livelierà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¦ à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¦and even daredevil (bar 555 et sqq.) He feels like the lord of the world, even a god! (Bar 567 et sqq.) Fanfares in trumpets and horns: Straus puts an extra emphasis on this passage by expanding the brass section by three trumpets and an optional second quartet of horns. The boldness and arrogance of Tills behaviour is growing. He gets arrested and faces judges accusations (bars 573 581) accompanied by violent side-drum roll that lasts for fifteen bars. Till wants to keep his nonchalant attitude but starts to realize he has gone too far. The biggest penalty is given pictured in music by second Tills theme instrument D clarinet playing upward notes falling into major seventh chord (bars 615 616), when Till is going up the ladder to be hanged. This is when D clarinet reaches its highest A flat, holding it awhile and starts to move down, accompanied by the flute-trill (bars 619- 620) that describes Till running out of breath. This passage does not only sound like a sharp cry, though, it also portrays the breathlessness of Till. None of the authors specifies the epilogue. Kennedy refers the epilogue to Till himself: A gentle epilogue recalls the works fairy tale opening, as if to remind us, before he scampers away, that Till was not such a bad fellow.  [3]   Armstrong writes similarly: It is Tills characteristic tune with the devil taken out of it, so that it seems almost tender. This epilogue shows the composers insight at its keenest  [4]  . The epilogue recalls and extends Once upon a time version of Tills second theme (bar 632 et sqq). The atmosphere is similar to the one from the opening of the piece with it folk-lore narration and charm. In my opinion, Strauss composed the following content: Once upon a time, there was a foolà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¦he diedà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¦but through this story, he is still alive. Hansen and Werbeck have differing opinions about the form of Till Eulenspiegel. Hansen describes the form as follows: Basically, there are only two central events, and they are actually a combination of theme and motif those two of the hero, of which Strauss informs Wà ¼llner in his letter  [5]  . Walter Werbeck tries to explain the form more accurately: Strauss composes neither an authentic sonata rondo nor a traditional rondo chain  [6]  . The element of a rondo that is missing is ritornello, but if we see rondo as representation of two themes then we might be dealing with a variant of rondo in Till Eulen spiegel. Walter Werbeck continues: One could easily describe the first part of Till as a free variation form, or, preferably, as a form in which rondo and variation are combined as follows: A (Exposition); Aà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ² (market scene, variation 1); B (sermon scene, episode 1); A à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ²Ãƒ ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ² (love scene, variation 2); and C (Philistines, episode 2). Strauss also drew on principles of sonata form. As evidence we might cite especially the emphatic recapitulation of the initial horn theme in bar 429 that opens the second part of the piece.  [7]   Both Hansen and Werbeck divide the piece in the same way into two main parts. Whereas Hansen only tells us approximately where his second part starts, Werbeck gives us the exact bar number (429) of his division. Hansen is content with the division into two central events; Werbeck, however, tries to show that Till is undoubtedly much more than a sonata rondo. The composer combines sonata form, variations and rondo. These forms cannot be seen separately they overlap and penetrate each other to varying degrees. At some points the form of a set of variations dominates, sometimes as sonata or as rondo. Warbecks quotation As Till Eulenspiegel, the protagonist of the tone poem, resists societal norms by mocking them with continuous pranks, so does the composer thwart the expectations of those who want to pin him down to the norms of a rondo  [8]   seems to be especially appropriate here. Trying to fit Till into a rondo form, the following division makes sense: 1. Prologue and Exposition; bar 1-111, the fool is introduced 2. Variation I; bar 112-178, the upsetting of the market place 3. Episode I; bar 179-206, the mockery of the sermon 4. Variation II; bar 207-288, Till in love 5. Episode II; bar 289-409, the confusing of the professors 6. Recapitulation (Variation III); bar 410-594, Till goes on his way 7. Coda (Episode III); bar 595-632, Till is arrested and hung 8. Epilogue; bar 633-658 At this point I would like to summarise the themes of Till Eulenspiegel: The wicked goblin theme and its modifications: BASIC FORM: NARRATIVE: AS A CAPER: HE LIES IN WAITING AT A GALLOP RELIEVED, AT A SAFE PLACE IN LOVE AS AN OATH OF REVENGE IN A CONFIDENT WAY UP THE LADDER FURTHER THEMES: Till Eu len spie gel, till Eu-len-spie gel, Till Eu-len spie-gel NAMING OF TILL NEW PRANKS IN LOVE COURTING AGAINST THE PHILISTINES DECEPTIVE SAFETY MISCHIEVOUS Richard Strausss Till Eulenspiegel appears as a masterpiece in composers career. In this piece Strauss used yet the biggest orchestra with massive woodwind section and optional second horn quartet. It is in some way symbolical that after serious labour on Guntram Strauss composes such a spectacular work inspired only by a folk legend. Richard Strauss himself leads us well and truly to believe in something with his title Nach alter Schelmenweise in Rondeauform [after an old rascal manner in rondo form]. Whoever thinks that Strauss came to a compromise with the traditional form will notice quickly that any pattern is avoided. It is not the form of the rondo with the methodical; umpteen times reprise of the theme, the unity is reached by the consistent development of the melodical-thematical elements. These elements, which come in the most varying forms, in the bravest disguises and the rhythmical and harmonical transformations, are the two main themes. Strauss uses the specific sound character of an instrument in the score very carefully. This is what gives the whole tone poem the humorous colour. When the notes become alive, everything sounds so simple, natural and unconstrained. Strauss makes high demands on the musical intelligence of the musicians playing his works.